In 2020 TAG was going to turn 42 and therefore we picked the conference theme LIFE. We now know that it will not be possible to go ahead with TAG 2020 but we are going to keep the theme for TAG 2021 (we all know that birthdays don’t count in 2020!). In many ways the theme feels even more relevant as covid forces us to reflect on our own lives and those of others.


Life has never been more central to archaeology. From the extension of the concept from the organic to the inorganic suggested by the popularity of new materialism, via the continued prominence of evolutionary approaches, to the threat to all life posed by the climate crisis, life has never seemed a more apposite topic for debate at TAG. Plus this is TAG 42 and 42, as we all know, is the answer to the question of life the universe and everything!

Covid-19 Update

We reviewed our plans for Leicester TAG this week (20/09/2020). With the current situation it’s pretty clear that sadly it isn’t going to be possible to hold TAG in person in Leicester this December. As we have ve said before on the website and through our social media accounts we still want to host TAG in person and so we will be postponing TAG for 12 months until December 2021.

We’ve asked all our fantastic session organisers if they’d like to rollover their sessions to then. Some people have asked if this means there will be the chance to add new speakers: there definitely will be; we may also have space for one or two more sessions (we’ll see how things develop).

We don’t want a whole year to pass without any TAG at all, so we will be facilitating an event on the weekend TAG would have happened – the first ever Fringe TAG! You can follow this link to get your free tickets for the Fringe TAG!

Finally, huge thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of the decisions we have made especially the TAG trustees and national committee, the team in Edinburgh hosting the next TAG and all our ace session organisers!

Please note we are having IT problems with the official TAG email address so if you have any questions do please send us an email to ojth1@le.ac.uk

“The Answer to the Great Question…”


“Of Life, the Universe and Everything…” said Deep Thought.


“Is…” said Deep Thought, and paused.




“Forty-two,” said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.”

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
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